Monday, 20 May 2013


It is hard to believe that our revered Guruji, who gave us the nectar of Thiruppugazh as Ganamrutam, who kindled the light of devotion in our heart, who showed us the path to reach Muruga is no more with us.  It is hard to believe that the golden voice that rendered Thiruppugazh in different captivating Raaga has become still.  It is hard to believe that we can no more see that magnificent face, smeared with Vibhuti, exuding an aura of divinity all over. 

The very name ‘Guruji’ evokes admiration, veneration, respect and devotion.  When Sri Raghavan was born, Lord Senthil Nathan had assigned a specific task for him; the task of giving the verses of Thiruppugazh, the sound of music; the task which Guruji undertaken with great success.  He gave each song a distinct Raaga and Thaala and every song became unique in its melody and devotion. 

Apart from transforming the lyric into sweet sound of music, Guruji Sri Raghavan has initiated a movement called ‘Thiruppugazh Anbargal’, which has grown by leaps and bounds.  The seed of Thiruppugazh which he planted as grown like a giant tree, spreading its branches all over Bharat and beyond.    The movement that he has initiated has spread the message of love and devotion.   It has transformed the lives of many.  It is a great wonder how a single man could do this great miracle.  There is no doubt that just as Muruga blessed Arunagirinathar to compose Thiruppugazh, Lord Muruga has blessed Guruji to highlight the glory of Thiruppugazh.

Sri Raghavan was so deeply involved in Thiruppugazh that the words ‘Thiruppugazh’ and Guruji have become synonyms.  We cannot think of one without the other.  He was a colossus.  He was a unique personality endowed with great knowledge, talent, devotion and vision.   Though he was not visiting any place recently, wherever Thiruppugazh recitals were held, his presence was experienced.  He was such an endearing personality that we felt he was always with us.  With the departure of Guruji we all feel a kind of loneliness and emptiness. It is not possible to reconcile to the reality that his physical presence can no longer be available to us. 

All of us aim at reaching the Lotus Feet of Muruga.  There is no doubt that Guruji who has rendered so many songs seeking the Lotus Feet of Muruga (like Unakkamala Padhanadi  Urugiyulathamuthoora Unathu Thiruppugazhotha Arulvaye… (Pazhiyuru),  Ariya Mona Vazhi Thirantha Nalina Patham (Piraviyana) would definitely have attained the Lotus Feet of Muruga. 

Guruji has shown us the path to reach Lord Muruga – the path of Thiruppugazh – and let us dedicate ourselves to pursue this path with dedication, devotion and discipline.    

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