Thursday, 13 June 2013

Homage to Guruji

Arunagirinathar’s Thiruppugazh paakal

The proceedings of the 68th conference of the Music Academy started on Dec 21 ( year 1996) with the rendering of some rare compositions of Bhadrachala Ramdoss. The M. Ganesa Ayyar Birth Centenary Endowment lecture on Thiruppugazh was delivered by Mr.A.S.Raghavan of New Delhi assisted by some of his disciples.

Arunagirinatha, born six centuries ago, was blessed by Lord Muruga and sung Thiruppugazh paakal. They are based on Vedas, sastra, and religious rites and practices.. These are intended to remove the impurities of the mind and soul and show the way to a good life. Arunagirinathar even as the Alwars and Nayanmars did, took it upon himself to prey for the removal of bad qualities and for the uplift of the soul. These songs are replete with the beauty of word, content and music.

Chandam is a specialty of Thiruppugazh. There are also various references in them to isai and therefore meant to sung. There is a beautiful hymn on Thiruchendur which says that listening to the music, the tiger and cow will make milk from each other, stone will melt, the wizened tress will blossom again, the rouge elephant will be tamed and the flying birds will come down to earth.

The rhythmic or tala patterns are like an ocean and full of life. Difficult to reckon and render, chandam is of absorbing interest and is exclusively natural in flow, independent on its own. Thevaram do not have these patterns. He illustrated the different forms of Khanada, Misra, and Sankirna Chapu in one and the same avarta as rendered in different Thiruppugazhs. Concluding the lecture, he paid tribute to Devakkottai Sundararaja Iyengar from whom he had learnt these 
{ end of report}

Earlier too we had posted this message . We wish some one had recoded the talk and preserved it. World will be richer if it sees the light of the day. Chennai anbargal who took part in the programme can throw some light on this. If we can recreate the audio / video file and release it at the prosded function in Sept  will be the greatest homage to Guruji


.Yogah karmasu kausalam = gita 2-50

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